Polarizing Filters

MidOpt Near-Infrared Linear Polarizer, High Transmission Pi035

Particularly useful for minimizing glare in light-starved applications, these wire grid polarizers are also well-suited for applications involving high heat. The rotating mount makes it easy to orient the polarizer, finding the point where glare is minimized. The locking thumb screw available on all MidOpt rotating polarizers insures that accidental jarring or repositioning does not … Continued

MidOpt Near-Infrared Linear Polarizer, High Extinction Pi031

Maximizing the reduction of glare in the near-infrared and visible spectrums, because of its construction, this rotating polarizer is also excellent in situations where temperatures may reach up to 100º C (212º F). The rotating mount makes it easy to determine the point at which glare reduction is maximized, while the locking thumb screw available … Continued

MidOpt Circular Polarizer PC052

Used to eliminate specular reflections and hot spots, Circular Polarizers in rotating mounts allow maximum flexibility and ease of use. However in most machine vision applications we recommend the use of linear rather than circular polarizers. Circular polarizers are recommended for eliminating glare from spherical surfaces or in cases where an auto-focus or metering system are … Continued

MidOpt Ultra High Contrast Linear Polarizer PR120

This ultra-high contrast Linear Polarizer has an extended polarization efficiency, is abrasion and solvent resistant and can withstand higher temperatures than typical polarizers. Custom shapes and sizes are available up to 635 x 405mm (25″ x 16″).

MidOpt Linear Polarizer PR032

Used to eliminate or greatly reduce glare, rotating linear polarizers offer maximum flexibility and ease of use.  Rotating the mount and visually observing the results makes it easy to determine the position at which reduction of glare is maximized. The locking thumb screw insures that vibration or accidental movement during cleaning keep the polarizer optimally … Continued

MidOpt High Temperature Ultra High Contrast Glass Linear Polarizer Sheet .118″ thk PG120

The PG120 Ultra High Contrast Glass Linear Polarizer is designed to reduce glare, increase color saturation and improve overall image quality when inspecting highly reflective surfaces in harsh, high temperature environments. This innovative glass polarizer solves the temperature sensitivity issues that are common with standard polarizing film, which typically fails or curls when introduced to … Continued