Machine Vision

Ametek Phantom S711

Highlights The Phantom S711 provides up to 7 Gpx/sec (56 Gbps) of data throughput for Machine Vision applications. It brings very high frame rates to Machine Vision applications via CXP12 and CXP-over-Fiber. Features ,360 fps at 1280 x 800 Sensitivity: Quantum Efficiency: Mono: 33.7% | Color: 29.1% 8 and 12-bit, selectable 1 µs exposure, 300 ns … Continued

Ametek Phantom S641

Highlights The Phantom S641 provides up to 6 Gpx/sec (48 Gbps) of data throughput producing both high-frame rate and high-resolution 4 Mpx images.  The powerful machine vision camera utilizes powerful features like meta data and GPIO for maximum flexibility. The Phantom S641 supports cutting edge machine vision applications with up to 6 Gpx/sec throughput provided … Continued

Ametek Phantom S991

Highlights The Phantom S991 delivers 9 Gpx/sec (70 Gbps) of throughput and the power of the Phantom Flex 4K sensor with CXP-over-fiber technology for extreme high-speed imaging. The Phantom S991 builds on the industry leading technology of the S990 by incorporating fiber cables for data transfer. The two fiber cables are easy to connect and … Continued