Ametek Phantom S991


The Phantom S991 delivers 9 Gpx/sec (70 Gbps) of throughput and the power of the Phantom Flex 4K sensor with CXP-over-fiber technology for extreme high-speed imaging.

The Phantom S991 builds on the industry leading technology of the S990 by incorporating fiber cables for data transfer. The two fiber cables are easy to connect and can carry up to 70 Gbps of images and data to the frame grabbers. This significantly improves setup and ease of use.


  • 937 fps at 4096 x 2304
  • 12-bit depth
  • 2 fiber cables with CXP12
  • Standard CXP 2.0 and GenICam protocols
  • Up to 52,080 FPS at reduced resolutions
  • Interchangeable lens mounts: Nikon, PL, C, and Cannon EOS

Product Specifications

AMETEK (Vision Research & Phantom Camera Technology)
Ametek Phantom S991

Available Variations