Ximea xiD USB3.0 MD091CU-SY-BRD


The Ximea xiD USB3.0 MD091CU-SY-BRD industrial camera along with all the xiD cameras provide ultimate image quality through the use of SONY ICX sensors with HAD II pixel technology. Suitable for scientific imaging, research, microscopy, and any application with the most stringent requirements. As CCDs, they boast high sensitivity and 14-bit dynamic range. The cameras have excellent passive cooling properties, great performance, and a standard USB interface. The standard USB interface of the Ximea xiD USB3.0 MD091CU-SY-BRD industrial camera offers streamlined connectivity with the largest set of host computers. No auxiliary power is needed, as the cameras are fed directly through the USB bus, making it easy to set up and easy to use. The Ximea xiD USB3.0 MD091CU-SY-BRD industrial camera is equipped with a SONY ICX814 sensor, 3384 x 2708 resolution, and 9.1 megapixels.

Ximea xiQ USB3.0 MD091CU-SY-BRD Features

  • Sony ICX with “EXview HAD CCD II” pixel technology
  • Passive cooling of the sensor
  • Improved light efficiency for NIR spectrum
  • Global shutter with interline transfer
  • 1, 2 or 4 tap readout with 14 bit ADC
  • Lowest power consumption

What is xiD?

  • Quality components – Sony “EXview HAD CCD II” sensors delivering, and 12 Mpix
  • Fastest – Highest speed using full 4 TAP readout potential
  • Industry-standard interface – Compliant with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed specification
  • Versatile mini camera – Subtle 60 x 60 x 37 mm, 320 grams
  • Power – Lowest power consumption starting at 3 Watt, bus-powered with USB3 cable
  • Cool – Minimal heat dissipation with passive Cooling elements
  • Compatibility – USB 3.0 support for Windows 7 and 10, macOS, Linux, ARM, and 30 Libraries
  • Connectivity and Synchronization – Programmable Opto-isolated input and output, 3 status LEDs
  • Bandwidth potential – 5Gb/s interface 400Mpix/s data throughput
  • Software interfaces – GenICam / GenTL and highly optimized xiAPI SDK for Image Processing
  • High grade  Quality class of sensors is combined with specially selected IR filters
  • Long Exposure times – Up to 1500 seconds depending on the model
  • Highly Customizable – Available at Board level and with Peltier TE Cooling

Ximea xiC USB3.0 MD091CU-SY-BRD Applications

  • Ophthalmology and Retinal imaging
  • Material and Life science
  • Medical Imaging and Light Microscopy (IR-DIC)
  • Pharmaceutics and Healthcare
  • Robotic Welding
  • Industrial Automation, Machine Vision, Photovoltaics
  • Intelligent Transportations Systems (ITS)
  • Open road tolling and Traffic monitoring
  • Biometrics
  • Gauging, Metrology
  • Defect detection, OCV / OCR
  • Astronomy, Astrography
  • Cell Biology, sorting
  • Semiconductor wafer and bonding scanning
  • Flat-panel inspection
  • Dentistry, Dermatology
  • Print and Film scanning
  • Laser beam profiling
  • Histology, Pathology
  • Rail and Road applications
  • Fluorescence
  • Low light
  • UAV, UAS – Photogrammetry, Surveying

Product Specifications