Ximea xiB CB120MG-CM


The Ximea xiB CB120MG-CM industrial camera excels in speed, resolution, and dynamic range, featuring a complete lineup of global shutter sensors. The uses of optical fiber cables allow distances between cameras and host computers up to 100m without a performance penalty and even 300m with reductions in frame rate. Put your Ximea xiB CB120MG-CM industrial camera where the action is, monitor, and record from a distance. A rugged, precision CNC milled aluminum alloy housing with industry-standard iPass connectors, multiple GPIO options, motorized lens functions, and an interface without the need for a frame grabbers make the Ximea xiB CB120MG-CM industrial camera the primary choice for the most demanding vision applications.

What is xiB?

  • Fastest overall – Bandwidth from 20 Gbit/s to staggering 64 Gbit/s, real data throughput up to 7000 MB/s
  • Modern components – High resolution from 12 Mpix to 65 Mpix and 3500 Fps high-speed sensors
  • Versatile mini camera – Subtle 60 x 60 x 36 mm, 160 grams (1)
  • Longest reach – Can work with optical cable at 300m distances
  • Power-efficient – Low power consumption of mere 6 Watt (1)
  • Cool – Minimal heat dissipation with additional Heatsink or Fan options
  • Compatible – Support for Windows 7 and 10, Linux, macOS, ARM, NVIDIA Jetson modules
  • Connectivity and Synchronization – 2/2 Isolated GPI/GPO, 4 bi-directional non-isolated GPIO
  • Compliant – Data and control interface complies with PCI Express External Cabling Specifications
  • Lens control – EF-mount Interface allows remote control of aperture, focus, and image stabilization
  • Easy deployment – Range of various accessories and No need for frame grabbers
  • Future potential – Highest speed by utilizing the full capability of PCIe x8 Gen3 interface
  • Customizable – Possibility of Board level or Embedded versions and Near Infrared (NIR) sensors

Ximea xiB CB120MG-CM Features

  • 12 Mpix Monochrome CMOS camera with AMS CMOSIS CMV12000
  • PCIe speed of 20 Gbit/s allows 133 Fps @8bit or 100 Fps at 10 bit


The Ximea xiB CB120MG-CM industrial camera is compact and highspeed making it great for flat panel inspection (FPD), printed circuit board (PCB) examination, solar panel analysis, persistent stadium, and border security, wide-area surveillance, cinematography, sports and entertainment, 360 panorama, UAV and Autonomous, Unmanned vehicles, aerial or city mapping.

Product Specifications

Ximea xiB CB120MG-CM

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