The Imaging Source Embedded FPD-Link Board DFM 37CX296-ML


The Imaging Source MIPI CSI-2 cameras with FPD-Link III serializer boards offer nearly the same feature set as MIPI CSI-2 cameras, but allow cable lengths up to 15m. Image data, commands and power supply are transmitted via a thin coaxial cable. The FPD-Link board cameras can be used with NVIDIA Jetson Nano, TX2, Xavier as well as Raspberry Pi 4 and feature the latest Sony and ONSemi CMOS sensors (rolling or global shutter). The board cameras are suitable for single or multi-camera embedded systems for automotive, IoT and standard machine vision applications.


  • 1/2.9 inch Sony CMOS Pregius sensor (IMX296)
  • 1,440×1,080 (1.6 MP), up to 60 fps
  • Global shutter

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