Metaphase Technologies TX Barlight


Introducing the Metaphase Technologies TXBR1A-12-W-L20 TX-series Barlight! Metaphase Technologies offers the world’s largest selection of machine vision and specialty LED Illumination. Since 1993, our engineering expertise in designing for integration into vision systems has enhanced a vast array of products. Metaphase illumination for industrial applications such as automation systems, line scan inspection, and fast-capture imaging strobe gives an edge to our customers in manufacturing and quality assurance. Most recently we’ve expanded our scope to develop illumination for security applications such as border patrol, law enforcement, and military markets.


  • Application Type: Front light, multispectral
  • Wavelength: R, G, B, W, RGB, UV365, UV395, IR850, IR940, SWIR (6 wavelengths)
  • Control: Standard driver allows light to be used continuous AND with follow-me strobe (8x power)
  • Mounting: Flexible form factor, multiple wavelengths, and variable controls provide endless application options
  • Footprint: 300mm length (daisy-chain up to 6); narrow footprint: 32mm wide x 49mm high


  • Example Part Number: TXBR1A-12-W-L20 (TX barlight, one connector, 300mm length, white, 20degree total angle lens, with Clear cover)
  • Note 1: Model 1A has a single connector; Model 2A has two connectors. Both are available in either Standand (Default) or -U Versions (See Note 4).
  • Note 2: (24VDC with follow-me trigger) or -U versions (ULC-2 compatible)
  • Note 3: Contact Metaphase Support for color combinations and other wavelengths.
  • Note 4: Standard Versions (Default) have 24VDC with built-in follow-me strobe with 5-pin, M12 A-code connector(s). External Drive Versions (-U) have 4-pin, M12 T code connector(s).
  • Note 5: P0 polarizer perpendicular to heat sink; P90 polarizer parallel to heat sink.
  • Note 6: Lens options available only for visible wavelengths.
  • Note 7: CC (clear cover) is the default for visible if lens selected, and for UV and SWIR. D2 (single matte) is default for visible if no lens selected. Lead times may be extended for non-default diffusers.

Product Specifications

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