Metaphase Technologies MB-CBL3x3


The Metaphase Technologies MB-CBL3x3 Collimated Backlight is a high performance, uniform, and collimated light source for high precision silhouetting and transmissive applications. Using precision optics, these lights are collimated in both the X and Y dimensions. The light exits at a low divergence angle making it perfect for applications requiring high precision measurements when used with a telecentric lens. These lights incorporate a full array LED layout with more LEDs per square inch to provide greater intensity and uniformity. The Collimated Backlight is available with a wide variety of LED colors: White, Red, Green, Blue, IR, UV, and RGB with optional independent intensity control.

Metaphase Technologies MB-CBL3x3 Features

  • High density LED array makes our backlights the brightest and most stable backlights
  • The exclusive optical lens provides high uniformity (±5%), the shadow-free backlight illumination
  • Thermal management design draws heat directly from the die ensuring long life
  • Available in large custom sizes and in square and rectangular footprints
  • The MB-CBL3x3 Collimated Backlight has flicker-free performance and instant start-up with Metaphase analog driver technology
  • Optional Constant Current driver with 0-10VDC intensity control (-Z option)

Metaphase Technologies MB-CBL3x3 Applications

  • High-precision measurements and telecentric applications
  • Absence/presence of objects
  • Defect detection in glass/plastic containers
  • Object tracking (fish in an aquarium)
  • PCB (printed circuit board) assembly through-hole lead detection
  • Web inspection (pin-holes in web)
  • Bottlecap inspection
  • Screw/bolt thread inspection
  • Glass sheet defect detection
  • Sub-pixel dimensional inspection

Product Specifications