Metaphase Technologies ISO-40


The Metaphase Technologies ISO-40 Linear Illuminator has the most efficient and economical LED replacement technology available for the fluorescent tube. The Metaphase Exolight series is best applied where a highly intense, yet widely diffused light beam is required. The patent-pending isotropic plastic micro-lens diffuser’s shape is unique to the Metaphase Technologies ISO-40. The Isotropic lensing produces extremely even illumination and minimizes specular reflection inherent with LEDs. The Exolight series is “tube-like” in form and mimics the softly diffused output of fluorescent fixtures like no other ordinarily diffused LED fixture can. These fixtures produce higher power and more stable output than fluorescents while featuring the long life expectancy and low cost of ownership of LEDs. The Metaphase Technologies ISO-40 is used in many applications such as,

  • Machine Vision & Automation
  • Packaging inspection such as absence & presence of a product
  • Workbench illumination
  • Automotive component inspection
  • Coiled steel pin-hole detection
  • Pick & Place applications
  • Sorting facilities
  • Robotic Inspection

Metaphase Technologies ISO-40 Features

  • Built-in constant current driver(s) with 0-10V high intensity control
  • Continuous and Strobe with power-boosting versions available
  • 24V version requires no special controllers
  • 24V version is compatible with DDC-3 and ILD-35 Dimmers
  • The -U version is compatible with ULC-2 and third-party constant-current controllers
  • More stable than and outperforms fluorescent tubes by 3X
  • Polarizer lens option to further reduce hot spots and glare
  • Features a clamping style tilt bracket to allow easy positioning from 0-180º
  • CE, RoHS compliant
  • Compact robust packaging, no glass

Available Wavelengths

Product Specifications