Metaphase Near Axial Ring Light MB-RL101


This MetaBright™ 3″ O.D. (1″ I.D.) high power near axis ring light provides extreme intensity lighting for optimal working distance of 2 inches. Our ring lights can be configured for wavelength and other specifications.


  •  Exclusive prealignment process aims and then thermally pots each LED for the brightest, most uniform and longest lifetime ring lights available
  •  Continuous for various wave lengths including IR,UV and RGB
  •  Continues, Dimming, and Strobing Controllability Modes
  • Homogenous light output
  • Provides ON-axis illumination
  • Solid one-piece machined aluminum housings and thermal potting assures long life performance even in rugged environments

Color Wavelength

Product Specifications

Metaphase (Lights)
Metaphase Near Axial Ring Light MB-RL101