Metaphase Near Axial Ring Light MB-RL201


The Metaphase MB-RL201 near axial Ring Light offers high intensity, shadow-less illumination with five times the lifetime over fluorescents. Ring lights are essential for lighting specular surfaces. The MetaBright™ near axial Ring Lights are built with high-density LEDs that create bright illumination of surfaces for a wide variety of inspection applications.

These Ring Lights are specially designed to project an even 360° overlapping ring of light from the camera to lens. In most front lighting applications, the near-axial Ring Light is a simple, low-cost solution to camera lighting.


  • A homogenous light output that provides high-intensity ON-axis illumination
  • Rugged design with thermally potted LEDs
  • LED thermal management for stable performance
  • Ideal for solder joint and electronic component inspection
  • Flicker-free performance and instant startup with Metaphase analog driver technology
  • An ideal light with many applications including, label Identification, part markings, surface inspection, etc.
  • Built-in Constant Current Driver with 0 – 10VDC intensity control, compatible with DDC-3 and ILD-35 Dimmers

Product Specifications

Metaphase (Lights)
Metaphase Near Axial Ring Light MB-RL201