Metaphase Metaphaser MP-LE1007


The system is ideal for replacing older generation “hot light” fiber based illuminator systems and for green technology efficiency upgrade programs. Designed for fiber optics with light acceptance areas of 6 – 20mm. With appropriate Metaphase adapter, can mechanically accept fiber optics with outer housing diameter up to 20mm. The proprietary digital-optical dimming control provides excellent color stability over it’s 75,000 hour rated lifetime. MetaBright LED engine features a remarkable operating efficiency, minimum heat generation and an easily replaceable modular design to protect against LED source obsolescence.


  • Similar to the brightness levels of 250-watt metal halide fiber illuminator technology
  • Long life-time (75,000 hours)
  • Lower power consumption (less then 100 watts)
  • 60x less energy consumption then comparable “hot lights”
  • Consistent color temperature during dimming and over time
  • RoHS compliant

Wavelength Colors

Product Specifications

Metaphase (Lights)
Metaphase Metaphaser MP-LE1007-Photo-1
Metaphase Metaphaser MP-LE1007-Photo-2
Metaphase Metaphaser MP-LE1007-Photo-3
  • Metaphase Metaphaser MP-LE1007-Photo-thumb-1
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  • Metaphase Metaphaser MP-LE1007-Photo-thumb-3