JAI Sweep+ SW-4000T-MCL


The SW-4000T-MCL is a 4K prism-based industrial RGB color line scan camera with 4,096 pixels per line and a fast, 67.7 kHz line rate. Its 3-CMOS prism design features three separate imagers that simultaneously capture red, green, and blue spectral wavebands. Included is an advanced set of features providing the best possible performance and precision for web-based or continuous color imaging applications.


  • 3-CMOS prism-based camera with simultaneous imaging of R/G/B via a single optical path.
  • 4096 pixels per line at up to 67.7 kHz output rate.
  • Two user-selectable pixel sizes for higher responsivity (7.0 x 7.0 μm) or higher dynamic range (7.0 x 10.5 μm).
  • Built-in color space conversion from RGB to HSI, CIE XYZ, sRGB, Adobe RGB, and custom RGB formats.
  • Low-noise binning with 1×2, 2×1, or 2×2 options.
  • Supports direct connection to rotary encoders when connecting via frame grabber is undesirable.
  • Camera Link interface supporting 3 x 8-bits or 3 x 10-bits output.
  • One-push automatic white balancing.
  • Flat-field and color shading compensation.
  • Chromatic aberration correction.
  • Nikon F-mount or M52 mount.

Product Specifications

JAI Sweep+ SW-4000T-MCL

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