JAI Sweep SW-4000TL-PMCL


JAI provides a wide selection of single-sensor monochrome area scan JAI’s monochrome line scan cameras provide an excellent combination of high resolution and fast scan rates. With high shock (80G) and vibration (10G) standards and an ambient operating temperature range of -5 C to +45 C these cameras are built to operate and last in even the most demanding industrial environments – providing users with low-cost-of-ownership. JAI’s monochrome line scan cameras can be used in many high speed machine vision applications including food sorting, pharmaceutical label inspection, postal sorting, sports, general web inspection and traffic applications such as train, railway, container and vehicle inspection.

Product Description

The SW-4000TL-PMCL is a high speed trilinear line scan camera that delivers outstanding color line scan performance for applications that don’t require the ultimate precision provided by the prism technology in JAI’s Sweep+ Series. Featuring a maximum line rate of 66 kHz for 24-bit RGB output, it is one of the fastest 3 x 4096 color line scan cameras on the market.

Unique Binning and Color Conversion Capabilities: The SW-4000TL-PMCL is the only high-speed trilinear camera to offer support for both vertical and horizontal binning, as well as built-in color space conversions to HSI, CIEXYZ, sRGB, Adobe RGB, and custom RGB color gamuts.

Direct Encoder Connection: The SW-4000TL-PMCL can be directly connected to rotary encoders, which simplifies setup and enables automatic detection of scan direction for use with reciprocating slide tables. Encoder signals can be daisy-chained from one camera to the next in multi-camera setups.

High Speed Output: With a maximum line rate of 66 kHz (66,000 lines per second), the SW-4000TL-PMCL is one of the fastest 4K trilinear cameras currently offered. 8/10-bit output is provided over a GenICam compliant Camera Link interface


  • 4K line scan resolution (4096 pixels per line)
  • One of the fastest 4K trilinear line scan cameras – up to 66 kHz maximum line rate
  • Intelligent sub-pixel spatial compensation and tilted view correction to ensure high image fidelity
  • Supports vertical dual-line binning, 2x horizontal binning, or both
  • Built-in color space conversion to HSI, CIEXYZ, sRGB, Adobe RGB, and more
  • Direct connection to rotary encoders including automatic scan direction detection

Product Specifications

JAI Sweep SW-4000TL-PMCL

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