Euresys EasyOCR


The Euresys EasyOCR is a font-dependent printed character reader based on a template matching algorithm. It has been designed to read any kind of short text (part numbers, serial numbers, expiry dates, manufacturing dates, lot codes, …) printed on labels or directly on parts.

The Euresys EasyOCR requires training the font to be recognized. It is able to learn from sample images all possible characters to be read. This makes the recognition extremely flexible, fast, and reliable. The training phase involves an interactive application used to show samples of the characters and allow the library to learn and store them in a font file. Moreover, the Euresys EasyOCR provides the means for you to write your own, custom, font editor. The Euesys EasyOCR also comes with three standard pre-learned font files for the standard OCR-A, OCR-B, and Semi fonts.

Open eVision Studio is the evaluation, prototyping, and development tool of Open eVision. Its intuitive graphical user interface allows you to call and immediately see the result of any of eVision’s 2D image processing functions. A scripting functionality generates the corresponding code, which can then be copied and pasted into your application. Open eVision Studio is free (when using Open eVision 2.0 and above) and does not require any license.

Choose the most suitable Licensing System for you! Open eVision Dongle-based Licenses: Dongle-based Licenses offer the flexibility to be transferred from a PC to another. To
purchase a Dongle-based License, select one of the Euresys dongles (USB or Parallel) plus the license(s) to be stored on this dongle. Licenses are delivered as activation codes, which are stored on the dongles. Open eVision Software-based Licenses: Software-based licenses do not require any dongle, they are linked to the PC on which they have been activated. Licenses are delivered as activation codes and can be managed online.


  • Teachable system.
  • Reliable and robust recognition.
  • Size invariance.
  • Trained character fonts.
  • Broken character reconstruction.
  • Touching character separation.
  • Pre-defined fonts.


  • Serial number Verification
  • Part Number Verification
  • Expiration Date Verification
  • Lot Mixing Verification
  • Label Inspection
Euresys (Machine Vision Software)
Euresys EasyOCR