Euresys Easy3D


The Euresys Easy3D is a set of software tools enabling the development of 3D machine vision inspection applications. The Easy3D license is available separately. Easy3D is required for all 3D developments and is included in the Easy3DlaserLine and Easy3DObject licenses.

  • Point Cloud Processing: After calibration, the 3D point cloud contains distortion-free data using a real-world 3D coordinate system. Process 3D point clouds using Euresys Easy3D functions such as coordinate transformation, point cloud cropping, and decimation, plane finding and fitting or part alignment.
  • ZMap Generation: A ZMap is the projection of a point cloud on a reference plane, where distances are stored as pixel grayscale values. ZMaps are distortion-free, with a metric coordinate system.  Euresys Easy3D provides functions to generate such ZMaps. More importantly, you can apply all Open eVision 2D processing functions to ZMaps: filtering and thresholding with EasyImage, blob analysis with EasyObject, sub-pixel measurement with EasyGauge, pattern matching with EasyFind, and EasyMatch.
  • Compatibility with 3D Sensors: The Euresys Easy3D library is able to import data from third-party 3D sensors from Automation Technology, Intel Realsense, Lucid Helios and others. Point Clouds and ZMaps are managed efficiently and allow 3D processing and analysis to be performed.
  • 3D Viewer: Use the 3D Viewer class of Easy3D to create an interactive 3D display. The 3D Viewer can display point clouds and 3D objects. It uses the OpenGL interface and requires a compatible display device.
  • Easy 3D Studio: Open eVision also includes the Easy3D Studio application, which drastically simplifies the configuration of a 3D laser line inspection systems.


  • Point cloud processing and management
  • Flexible ZMap generation
  • 3D processing functions for cropping, decimating, fitting and aligning point clouds
  • Compatible with many 3D sensors
  • Interactive 3D display with the 3D Viewer


  • PCB inspection
  • LED inspection
  • Connector inspection
  • Checking dimensional accuracy
  • Assembly inspection
  • Object positioning for pick and place machines
  • Food inspection and sorting
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Euresys Easy3D