Euresys 1641 Picolo Alert PCIe


The Euresys Picolo Alert PCIe is a PCIe video capture card with four BNC connectors for up to 16standard PAL/NTSC cameras.

  • 4x BNC connectors on the bracket, expandable to 16 with three [1203] VEB modules (sold separately)
  • PCIe x1 bus
  • Sixteen shared video decoders, 100/120 images per second (200/240 fields per second)
  • Real-time acquisition from 4 cameras, fast switching between up to 16 cameras.
  • Independently-programmable frame rate and acquisition parameters for
    each video input


  • Video Input Configurations: Four cameras can be connected using the BNC connectors on the bracket: Acquisition at 30 (NTSC) or 25 (PAL) frames per second per camera. Sixteen cameras can be connected using the BNC connectors on the bracket and three [1203] VEBs: Acquisition at 7.5 (NTSC) or 6.25 (PAL) frames per second per camera.
  • Windows and Linux drivers available


  • MACHINE VISION FOR THE GENERAL MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES: Low cost image acquisition from industrial analog cameras for inspection machines. Take advantage of the lowest-cost industrial cameras available on the market with the Domino and Picolo series cards.
  • LIFE SCIENCES & MEDICAL: Endoscopy applications. Standard and high-definition image acquisition; dental applications, video-guided surgery applications.
  • MICROSCOPY: High-definition image acquisition; offline inspection stations, laboratory and measuring microscopes.
  • ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) & Traffic management:
    Video acquisition from multiple cameras

Product Specifications

Euresys (Frame Grabbers)
Euresys 1641 Picolo Alert PCIe