Basler CoaXPress Evaluation Kit boA4096-93cc 1C


The Basler CXP-12 Evaluation Kit boA4096-93cc 1C includes the Basler boost 9 MP color camera, the corresponding CXP-12 interface card, and the components from the CXP-12 starter kit. The Basler evaluation kit is the optimal set for testing your CoaXPress 2.0 image processing system. Capture your first image quickly and conveniently. The Basler CXP-12 evaluation kit offers you everything you need for an optimal time- and cost-saving test phase of your future CoaXPress 2.0 image processing system. Your selected boost camera boA4096-93cc includes the Sony IMX255 CMOS sensor with 93 fps and a 9 MP resolution. The CXP-12 interface card 1C, specifically developed for the boost, can be easily controlled with our pylon Camera Software Suite, just like the camera.


  • Camera Model: boA4096-93cc
  • Lens Accessories: C-mount for boost, racer
  • Cables: Basler Power-I/O Cable, M8 6p/open, P, 5m, Basler Cable CXP, Micro-BNC x2 (HD BNC), P, 5 m
  • Housing Accessories: Heat sink for Basler boost cameras
  • Interface card: Basler CXP-12 Interface Card 1C


  • Activation of the boost camera for quick first image capture with the pylon Camera Software Suite as a shared SDK for the camera and interface card
  • Delivery of all components from one source
  • Unique cost/benefit ratio

Product Specifications

Basler (Cameras)
Basler CoaXPress Evaluation Kit boA4096-93cc 1C

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