Basler Dart daA1440-220uc-no-mount


The Basler dart camera meets the requirements of numerous computer vision applications. Thanks to various mounting options in combination with different sensors, it leaves nothing to be desired in terms of design. Its small form factor, low weight, and low power consumption make the Basler dart an ideal choice for applications with challenging installation conditions.


The Basler daA1440-220uc (No Mount) USB 3.0 camera with the Sony IMX273 CMOS sensor delivers 227 frames per second at 1.6 MP resolution. This model has no mount.

  • Board level design for flexibility in your system setup
  • Available as bare board, S- and CS-Mount
  • Compact form and low weight for demanding installation environments
  • Highly flexible thanks to USB 3.0 and BCON for MIPI interfaces
  • Various sensors for resolutions between VGA and 13 MP and frame rates of up to 525 fps
  • Outstanding image quality and unbeatable price/performance ratio

Product Specifications