Basler Boost boA2832-190cm


Latest CMOS sensor technology combined with high bandwidth and all the other advantages of the CoaXPress 2.0 standard. The boost series consists of modern high-performance cameras, which – thanks to CoaXPress 2.0 and modern CMOS sensors – provide excellent image quality even at high data rates.


The Basler CoaXPress 2.0 boA2832-190cm camera with the Sony IMX536 CMOS sensor delivers 190 frames per second with a 8 MP resolution.

  • Very high bandwidth: with up to 12.5 Gbps per cable, currently one of the fastest interfaces on the market
  • Robust and industrial grade Micro-BNC (HD-BNC) connector
  • Ample cable length: up to 40 m at max. bandwidth of 12.5 Gbps with data transmission, triggering and power supply via only one coaxial cable
  • Exact synchronization: precise camera synchronization even in multi-camera systems with very low latency
  • Noticeable cost advantages compared to Camera Link and CoaXPress 1.1: simplified system setup with the lowest cost per megabyte transferred
  • Latest CMOS sensor technology: utilization of the full sensor potential in resolution and frame rate at the same time

Product Specifications