Adimec Quartz Series Q-21A230x/CXP-SA


The Quartz Q-21A230x/CXP-SA camera, or in short the Q-21 Standard brings 5120 by 4096 high-quality pixels to the image at 227.9 fps. The camera has a low power mode combined with optimal heat management, which makes it the perfect fit for Electronic Manufacturing applications.


  • Gpixel GSPRINT4521 sensor
  • 5120 x 4096 pixels at 227.9 fps
  • Dynamic range > 62.5 dB
  • No active cooling required
  • Optimized for tool matching
  • Different operating modes for specific application requirements
  • Adimec Connect & Grab™ – easy system integration

Product Specifications

Adimec Quartz Series Q-21A230x/CXP-SA

Available Variations