Ring Light (Washdown)

Metaphase Near Axial Ring Light MT-OARL401

Highlights The Metaphase MT-OARL401 Off-Axis Ring Lights provide a low angle plane of light which is useful for highlighting surface defects, illuminating specular surfaces, and side-lighting prominent target features. Darkfield illumination provides high contrast lighting for detecting stress, defects, fingerprints, edges, dust, etc.  When a darkfield light is placed above an object, intense light will … Continued

Metaphase Washdown Ring Light RL 205-IP67

Highlights The IP67 Washdown and Harsh Environment Near Axial and Bright Field Ring Lights allow you to use one of the most popular lighting systems in a larger variety of environments. These Ring Lights can now be used where they may be exposed to water, moisture, and debris. With this watertight gasket design, high-pressure jets and wash … Continued