BP Series - Broad Bandwidth - Bandpass Filters

MidOpt (Limited) Near-IR Bandpass Filter BP810

Highlights Limited Stock Available. BP810 filters are designed for use in 800-830nm laser diode applications. They are insensitive to “blue shifting” experienced when using line or pattern generating lasers together with wide angle lenses. About 70% of cold therapy lasers used for the regeneration of damaged tissue that are out on the market operate at … Continued

MidOpt Near-UV Bandpass Filter BP340

Highlights The MidOpt Near-UV Bandpass BP340 filter is an economical yet highly transmissive/high contrast alternative to far more costly thin-film interference filters. This design combines rugged dielectric coatings and absorptive filter glass to ensure a highly stable passband and excellent out-of-band blocking, even when used in conjunction with very short focal length lenses. It also … Continued

MidOpt Indigo Bandpass Filter BP450

Highlights The MidOpt Indigo Bandpass BP450 Filter enhances viewing of subjects illuminated by a 450nm blue LED or laser light source and any UV- excited blue fluorescence emissions (420-470nm). Its broad bandwidth and high peak (T ≥90%) transmission result in significantly brighter, higher contrast images. For most machine vision UV fluorescence applications, a Bandpass filter … Continued

MidOpt Near-IR Bandpass Filter BP880

Recommended when using high-power 860-880nm infrared LED lighting or 905-920nm laser diodes, this filter also features high peak transmission and rugged coatings that provide added environmental stability.

MidOpt Near-IR Bandpass Filter BP850

Recommended when using high-power 830-850nm LED or laser diode lighting to improve contrast in surveillance applications or when inspecting in the infrared, this filter features high peak transmission and particularly durable, robust coatings. This filters coated surface also greatly inhibits staining due to year-round issues with heat, humidity, and/or air quality that affect uncoated infrared … Continued