Ximea xiSpec MQ022HG-IM-SM4X4-VIS


The Ximea xiSpec MQ022HG-IM-SM4X4-VIS industrial camera is the smallest and lightest hyperspectral camera available. Hyperspectral is a Fabry-Perrot interference filter array on top of a fast CMOS sensor that creates the basis for a camera design that combines hyperspectral imaging with high frame rates and a compact form factor. The obtained imagery can be interpreted to determine the chemical composition of materials. The Ximea xiSpec MQ022HG-IM-SM4X4-VIS industrial camera is simply the most compact method of retrieving hyperspectral imagery of a subject. Being small and light as well as having low power consumption makes the cameras ideal for mobile applications such as UAVs or handheld devices.

Ximea xiSpec MQ022HG-IM-SM4X4-VIS Industrial Camera Features

  • Snapshot Mosaic model
  • Scans: up to 170 cubes/sec
  • 16 Bands
  • FWHM ~15nm
  • Spectral range 475-640 nm
  • Spatial resolution: approx. 512 × 272 pixels
  • Smallest and lightest Hyperspectral camera: 26 x 26 x 31 mm, 32g
  • 1.6 Watt and overall SWAP are ideal for Embedded vision systems
  • USB3 Vision Compliant – speed 170 datacubes/s
  • PCIe interface version – speed 340 datacubes/s

What is xiSpec?

  • Smallest Hyperspectral camera – Compact, lightweight with only 26.4 x 26.4 x 31 mm, 32 grams
  • Cool economy – Low power consumption with 1.6 Watt, minimal heat dissipation, ideal for UAV / UAS
  • Fastest Hyperspectral camera – High speed, high frame rate: based on 170 fps at 2.2 Mpix resolution
  • All-around support – support for Windows 7 and 10, macOS, Linux, ARM, and NVIDIA Jetson platforms
  • Powerful potential – High spatial and spectral resolution, possible through 5Gb/s interface
  • Optimized – 2048 parallel, “on-chip” integrated spectroscopes with 100 points of spectral resolution each
  • AIA standard – USB3 Vision standard compliant
  • Industry-standard interface – Compatible with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed specification
  • Connectivity and Synchronization – Programmable optoisolated input and output, 3 status LEDs
  • Easy deployment – Range of accessories and wide hardware and software integration
  • Highly Customizable – Variety of sensor options, which can be further adjusted to match requirements
  • Quality materials– Improved filters, sturdy full metal jacket housing
  • Cost-efficient– Excellent value and price through utilizing new imec hyperspectral imaging technology

Ximea xiSpec MQ022HG-IM-SM4X4-VIS Applications

  • Precision Agriculture / Farming
  • Fluorescence, Photoluminescence, Ophthalmology
  • Counterfeit
  • Remote Sensing
  • Terrestrial/maritime earth observation
  • DNA sequencers/flow cytometers
  • Archaeology
  • Cytogenetics
  • Medical imaging for endoscopy, Wound diagnostics
  • Cancer cells inspection
  • Skin tones/tissue analysis, Healthcare
  • Space exploration, Astronomy
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Security, Surveillance
  • Spectroscopy instrumentation
  • Art and Antiquities Conservation
  • Material and Life science microscopy, Guided surgery
  • Optical sorting (pharmaceutical, waste recycling)
  • Food safety and inspection (quality grading)
  • Pathology, Forensics
  • Defect detection, Chemical analysis of the material composition
  • UAV / UAS (drones) and UGV (unmanned ground vehicles) robotics

Product Specifications