VS Technology VSZ-10100COL


The VS Technology VSZ-10100COL machine vision lens along with all the VSZ series models were designed to be compact in size and have a long WD. Without changing the WD this series has magnification ranges from 0.1x – 10.0x which is great for variable magnification needing applications.

VS Technology VSZ-10100COL Machine Vision Lens  Features

  • 1/2″ – 2/3″ sensor support
  • 0.1x – 10.0x Mag. ranges
  • 95 – 213mm WD
  • Variable zoom
  • View Table for WD.FOV and Extension Tube Length
  • C-Mount

Converter Lenses for VSZ Series

Model Conversion Mag. Model for VSZ Opti. Mag. Range WD(mm)
VSZ-03X 0.3x VSZ-0745/VSZ-0530 0.21x-1.35x / 0.141x-0.9x 337.6
VSZ-04X 0.4x VSZ-0745/VSZ-0530 0.28x-1.8x / 0.188x-1.2x 250.6
VSZ-05X 0.5x VSZ-0745/VSZ-0530 0.35x-2.25x / 0.235x-1.5x 201.0
VSZ-07X 0.7x VSZ-0745/VSZ-0530 0.49x-3.15 / 0.329x-2.1x 140.0


Product Specifications