VS Technology VS-FT12HV


The VS Technology VS-FT12HV has built-in liquid focusing and is optimized for 12MP 1.1” 3.45um C-mount cameras.

VS Technology VS-FT12HV Features

  • 3.45μm resolution
  • Large Angle of View with 1.1″ sensor
  • Able to adjust focus from 150mm to infinity.
  • Optotune powered 5ms fast response
  • Wide Angle
  • Fixed Focal Length

Accessories and Applications

  • CAB-6-100 / Optotune (1m Cable)
  • EL-E-4i / Optotune (Liquid focusing lens driver (USB type))
  • TR-CL180 / Gardasoft (Liquid focusing lens driver (RS232・Ethernet type))

The VS Technology VS-FT12HV is best for applications where the object distance changes greatly and frequently.

Product Specifications

VS Technology
VS Technology VS-FT12HV

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