VS Technology VS-25085/M42


The VS Technology VS-25085/M42 is a fixed focal length lens with F/0.85 designed for high-speed cameras. High-speed cameras can best utilize the VS-085 series due to its immensely bright F-number of 0.85. Up to 4/3″ sensors are supported as well as C and M42 mounts. An internally constructed floating system of lens elements allows the lens to produce a low distortion, high contrast image at any magnification.

What is the F-Number?

F-number defines the brightness of the lens at infinity imaging. Fno=Focal Length/ Diameter Entrance Pupil (Effective Aperture) The maximum aperture indicates the brightness of the image that the lens creates on the image sensor: lenses with wider maximum apertures (lower minimum f-numbers) create a brighter image on the image sensor than lenses with small maximum apertures (higher minimum f-numbers). Lenses with wide maximum apertures are referred to as“ fast” lenses because they create a brighter image on the image sensor, allowing faster shutter speeds.

VS Technology VS-25085/M42 Features

  • 4/3″ sensor support
  • F0.85 brightness
  • C & M42 mount
  • Low Distortion
  • High Contrast


VS Technology VS-25085/M42 allows faster shutter speeds and is capable of various applications that require brighter images. Including medical, bio, and high-speed motion analysis applications.

Product Specifications

VS Technology
VS Technology VS-25085/M42

Available Variations