Vivid Engineering CLR-101C


The value-priced of the Vivid Engineering CLR-101C CameraLink Repeater is an economical approach to increasing separation between camera and frame grabber. One CameraLink the cable connects the camera to the repeater and a second cable connects the repeater to the frame grabber. This solution provides a 20 meter reach between camera and frame grabber using a pair of standard 10m CameraLink cables. Several repeaters and cables may be cascaded to support greater distances. The CLR-101C incorporates high-speed 85MHz interfaces and is compatible with any CameraLink ”Base” configuration camera. A front-panel link status indicator identifies an active connection. Combining the CLR-101C with shorter cables can eliminate problems sometimes encountered using high-performance cameras and long cables. The CLR-101C is housed in a sturdy, compact aluminum enclosure. A locking power supply connector is optional.

The CLR-101C incorporates high-speed (85MHz) interfaces and is compatible with any “base” configuration camera. “Medium” configuration applications are supported using a pair of CLR-101C’s in parallel. The CLR-101C does not support the CameraLink “full” configuration. The Vivid Engineering CLR-101C adds minimal delay (i.e. latency) to the video data path. This is an important criterion for time-critical applications. The latency through the CLR-101C is a fixed 3 pixel-clock delay. The pixel clock is established by the camera and can range from 20-85 MHz. Therefore, the CLR-101C fixed delay can range from 35 to 150 nS, depending on the camera. The delay added by the CLR-101C for the camera control and serial communication signals is under 5 nS. The Vivid Engineering CLR-101C detects the presence of an active CameraLink camera. When an active (i.e. powered) camera is detected, the front-panel “link” indicator illuminates. The front panel also includes a power indicator to show that the CLR-101C is powered.


  • Doubles max distance between camera and frame grabber
  • Combines with shorter cables to eliminate performance problems with long cables
  • Uses standard CameraLink cables (not included)
  • Supports CameraLink base configuration
  • Minimal data pass-through latency
  • High-speed 85 MHz interface chipset, works with any base camera
  • Front-panel link status indicator
  • Several repeaters may be cascaded for greater distances “Medium” configuration support using two CLR-101C’s in parallel
  • Flow-through connector placement
  • Sturdy, compact aluminum enclosure w/ mounting flange
  • Multi-nation power supply included, locking-plug power supply optional
  • The Vivid Engineering CLR-101C has a 3-year warranty
  • Cost-effective solution


Product Specifications

Vivid Engineering
Vivid Engineering CLR-101C