Vivid Engineering CLT-353R


The Vivid Engineering CLT-353R and CLT-353L CameraLink Translators convert CameraLink to RS-422 & LVDS, enabling the use of CameraLink cameras with frame grabbers and imaging systems incorporating traditional RS-422 and LVDS parallel digital interfaces. The “R” and “L” versions support RS-422 and LVDS interfaces, respectively. These flexible adapters feature an RS-232 port for camera communication and are very useful for replacing obsolete RS-422 & LVDS cameras in existing imaging systems. The CLT-353R/L camera interface incorporates the connector, signals, pinout, and chipset in compliance with the CameraLink specification. The CLT-353R/L incorporates the “base” configuration signal set, consisting of video data, camera control, and serial communications. The CLT353R/L supports single-channel (monochrome) cameras with 8/10/12/14/16-bit pixels, dual-channel 8/10/12-bit cameras, and 8-bit color cameras. The CLT-353R converter is housed in a sturdy, compact aluminum enclosure.


  • Enable use of Camera Link cameras with RS-422 & LVDS frame grabbers and imaging systems
  • Combine with Camera Link cameras to replace obsolete RS-422 & LVDS cameras in existing imaging systems
  • Works with virtually any Camera Link “base” configuration camera
  • “R” version supports RS-422 interfaces
  • 32 MHz max pixel clock rate for “R” version
  • Camera serial communication via frame grabber interface or via rear-panel RS-232 port
  • Selectable frame grabber interface timing signal polarity and clock phase
  • Minimal data pass-through latency
  • Isolated DC power input
  • Multi-nation power supply included, locking-plug version optional
  • Sturdy, compact aluminum enclosure w/ mounting flange
  • 3-year warranty

Product Specifications

Vivid Engineering
Vivid Engineering CLT-353R