TRU-Vu VMTRWP-21.5C-24


The VMTWP-21.5 Series are industrial-grade 21.5” touch screens in a waterproof stainless steel panel-mount enclosure. The 5-wire resistive touch screen can be activated by almost any object – gloved finger, stylus, pen, etc. The P-Cap version provides 10-simultaneous touchpoints and can be activated via an exposed finger or with latex gloves. The front of the stainless steel panel-mount enclosure is rated NEMA 4X/IP65 waterproof. Its rear-clamp design ensures rock-solid installation. This model is ideal for use in wash-down environments such as food processing plants and other manufacturing facilities. These are also available with 1,000 nits of brightness, for use outdoors.


  • 21.5” 5-Wire Resistive or Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Stainless Steel Panel-Mount Enclosure
  • Waterproof NEMA 4X Front Face
  • TRU-Tuff Treatment for Maximum Shock/Vibration Resistance
  • Auto Re-Start After Power Loss
  • Lockable On-Screen Display Controls
  • Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs

Product Specifications

TRU-Vu Standard Brightness
TRU-Vu VMTRWP-21.5C-24