TRU-Vu Monitors VL-7Y


TRU-Vu Monitors VL-7Y is a 7-inch monitor offering exceptional image and dependable performance. The VL-7Y monitor is part of our Value-Line Series of monitors. Although rugged and dependable, they are not designed for the same extreme environments as our industrial-grade LCD monitors. This 7 inch HDMI monitor also offers great flexibility. The standard 16:9 aspect ratio can also be switched to operate as a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor addressing both sides of the  4:3 vs 16:9 aspect ratio debate. Additionally, The TRU-Vu Monitors VL-7Y both can provide both analog and digital inputs. The HDMI input satisfies the need for a digital video 16:9 video signal, while the Composite BNC input accepts analog video signals, useful for legacy systems.

VL-7Y Features

  • 7” Color LCD Monitor
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Auto Re-Start After Power Loss
  • HDMI and Composite (BNC) Inputs
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Native (4:3 Selectable)
  • Backlit OSD Buttons
  • The TRU-Vu Monitors VL-7Y carries a 1-Year Warranty.


This small monitor is ideal for mobile, in-vehicle video systems, law enforcement, public transportation, and other imaging applications. The TRU-Vu Monitors VL-7Y 7-inch HDMI monitor is also perfect for use in manufacturing and other applications requiring a great image in a small 16:9 widescreen monitor. TRU-Vu’s 7-inch to 12-inch industrial monitors and touch screens are deployed in a wide range of industries. This includes ships, military, first-responder vehicles, aircraft, pipeline inspection systems, mass transit vehicles, kiosks, medical carts, oil and gas, cranes, drones, and UAVs. Moreover, a variety of industries benefit from the vast array of in-stock and customized monitors. TRU-Vu specializes in providing the widest range of monitors and touch-screens for challenging environments and demanding applications. TRU-Vu strives to provide the very best solution for whatever your industrial or environmental struggle may be offering modifications & custom-built options.

Product Specifications

TRU-Vu Standard Brightness
TRU-Vu Monitors VL-7Y