Sony XCL-C30C Area Scan Camera


In response to customer demand, Sony is proud to introduce a broad selection of new XCL CameraLink Series cameras, ranging from VGA to 5M in monochrome and color versions. With their compact size and variety of resolution options, these new cameras make it easy and affordable for customers to migrate from analog to digital.

In addition to inheriting Sony’s XCL Series camera features, such as Bulk Trigger and Sequential Trigger modes, these new cameras also incorporate some unique features including Shading Correction, Defect Correction, and Temperature Readout. These new advanced features and benefits make XCL-C Series cameras ideal for various applications such as ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and sports shooting, as well as traditional machine-vision applications.


  • Shading Correction: Minimizes uneven image intensity caused by lighting cond
  • Defect Correction: Automatically minimizes defective pixels directly inside the camera.
  • Temperature readout: Eliminates the need for a separate sensor and simplifies system configuration.
  • Memory Channel: Up to 16 sets of camera parameters can be stored in addition to the factory default settings.
  • Bulk Trigger Modes: Allows the camera to capture up to 16 images in rapid succession using a single hardware or software trigger.
  • Sequential Trigger Mode: Allows the camera to capture a single image using successive setups stored in the memory channel.

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Sony XCL-C30C Area Scan Camera

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