Schott Single Gooseneck Fiber Optic Light A08400


Flexible obedient, incident illumination for space constrained applications.


  • Made with chrome plated semi-obedient metal or black decabon semi-rigid gooseneck tubing
  • Easily adjustable, precise positioning offers complete control of light placement
  • Dual models illuminate workspace with a single light source
  • Gooseneck legs placed in opposing positions create near shadow-free illumination
  • Standard output ferrules accept spot lenses and polarizing caps (See the Accessories section)
  • Model number A08575 is a dual focusing gooseneck that has permanently attached spot lenses, easily focused by turning the knurled lens barrels
  • Modified standard and custom configurations are available

Product Specifications

Schott Single Gooseneck Fiber Optic Light A08400