Schott Fiber Optic Single Lightline A08911


Alternative to fiber optic bundles for narrower and elongated illumination for Microscopy and Machine Vision Inspection applications with higher uniformity than any LED chips can achieve due to position density.


  • Calibrated with DDL-bulb to a specified number of gray scale levels (see chart) at a mean of 200 with a gamma setting of 1.0 to deliver optimum uniformity (See reference section for more information on uniformity of fiber optic products)
  • Assembly method accurately positions the fiber line within the body on all three planes, to a tolerance of ± .004”(0.1)†, assuring the fiber axis will be parallel with the mounting surface of the body
  • Fiber bundle exit locations include back-side (standard exit), back-center, and true-side
  • Rugged aluminum body and light source ferrule with black anodized finish, PVC covered metal tubing protects the fiber bundle
  • Lightline holders and support products available
  • Cylindrical and apertured lenses are available for most lightline models (Made-to-Order)
  • Custom lengths, bundle exits, multiple combinations (dual, quad, etc.) and line widths can be designed for your unique requirements

Product Specifications

Schott Fiber Optic Single Lightline A08911