Schneider Optics Micro-Symmar 2.8/50MM


Schneider-Kreuznach is using new, sophisticated production processes to achieve reduced tolerances and, for the first time, a real lenses resolution of 2 micrometers. These features enable the new Micro-Symmar 2.8/50 special lenses to offer outstanding homogenous image performance across the entire image field. The lenses has been enhanced for 3.5-time enlargement and has a 60 mm field of image.

The proven V-interface guarantees smooth adaptation to a wide range of camera systems. The entire construction has been designed to meet the high demands of typical industrial applications to ensure reliably safe use, as well as a long lifetime. The high light intensity of f/2.8 allows short exposure times, while the short focal distance of 50mm enables a compact system set-up for typical applications in flat rail inspection and micro-measuring technology.

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