Prophotonix Industrial Laser Diode


The Prophotonix Industrial Laser Diode is designed and constructed to withstand harsh conditions and satisfy rigorous industrial applications, this range of robust industrial laser modules offers a very high level of performance and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of industrial OEM applications. A hard-coated anodized case and a scratch-resistant sapphire window are provided with a range of options for electrical connection including an IP68 rated screw-on connector or a 2.5mm DC jack. This rugged design is combined with a user-adjustable focus to allow integrators maximum flexibility while still ensuring a compact, robust, and reliable product. The variable focus industrial laser diode is available in a variety of wavelengths from 635nm to 830nm and optical output powers from 0.97mW to 30mW depending on the choice of optics. Line generators are available with either 45˚, 60˚ or 90˚ full fan angle line, and cross generating optics generate an accurate 70˚ full angle cross. The lens system produces a Gaussian intensity laser line which offers straight-line precision without bowing. The beam is aligned to <0.25˚ of the mechanical axis of the laser. The variable focus industrial range has been designed as a complete laser solution for heavy-duty industrial alignment and positioning applications and also provides an ideal solution for use in guidance systems for robotic equipment.


  • Elliptical Beam, Line & Cross Generating Optics Available
  • Robust, Reliable, and Compact Design
  • Excellent Bore-Sighting <0.25˚
  • Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Window Protects Lens
  • Available in Wavelengths from 635nm to 830nm
  • Optical Output Powers from 0.9mW to 30mW
  • User Adjustable Focus for Increased Flexibility
  • Excellent Bore-Sighting <0.25


  • Industrial Alignment
  • Industrial Positioning
  • Guidance systems

Product Specifications

Prophotonix Industrial Laser Diode