MidOpt UV Block A/R Protective Window LP418


LP418 filters are absorptive filters used to block unwanted ultraviolet (UV) light while allowing high (>90%) visible and near-IR light transmission. Camera sensors typically will have some sensitivity in the UV spectrum. This light can at times be recorded by the camera as if it is blue light, resulting in an exaggerated bluish tint. These filters are well suited for color imaging applications as they absorb UV light, are angle insensitive, and are precision ground and polished to exceptional flatness and parallelism. They are also frequently used in UV fluorescence applications to block interference from a UV excitation source, thereby increasing image contrast in the visible range. This material is unique in that it contains almost no phosphorus, and therefore does not autofluoresce when exposed to intense UV light.

Product Specifications

Midopt (Filters)
MidOpt UV Block A/R Protective Window LP418-Photo-1