MidOpt DF093 Acrylic Diffuser


The MidOpt DF093 Acrylic Diffuser can be thought of as protective windows, most often for lighting applications, that also diffuse and scatter light coming from a point source such as a LED, lamp filament or laser diode.

MidOpt Acrylic diffusers are lightweight while providing excellent durability.


  • Useful Range : 400-1100nm
  • Thickness : 1mm
  • Color Temperature : 6750K
  • Total Light Transmission : 93%
  • Diffuse Light Transmission : 90%
  • Parallel Light Transmission : 4%
  • Haze : 96%

Product Specifications

Midopt (Filters)
MidOpt DF093 Acrylic Diffuser

Available Variations