Metaphase Technologies TX Flat Dome


The Metaphase Technologies TX Series of Flat Domes provides superior performance for the most demanding machine vision applications. Utilizes a bright and highly uniform array of LEDs. State-of the-art driver technology delivers instant start-up and flicker free operation and can be used both in DC continuous operation or with 4x Optical, Pulse-Follow Strobe. Optimize your application, maintain flexibility and minimize technical risk with the exceptional results obtained from the TX Series Flat Domes from Metaphase Lighting Technologies.


  • Backlighting, diffuse lighting and dome lighting
  • 73,000 LUX (263W/m2)
  • R, G, B, W, RGB, RGBW, IR850, IR940 (Choose up to 4 Wavelengths, or 2 if using IR940)
  • New, advanced microprocessor that allows for DC continuous mode WITH continuous pulse-follow strobe all-in-one all built-in
  • 4-side T-slot mounting system with 180 degree adjustable T-slot L Brackets
  • Low-profile housing with10mm bezel
  • Multiple center hole sizes, ability to have multiple camera holes on one light

Product Specifications

Metaphase (Lights)
Metaphase Technologies TX Flat Dome