Metaphase Technologies MB-CTL41


The Metaphase Technologies MB-CTL41 Collimated Tube Backlights are ideal for producing high contrast silhouettes.  The Collimated Tube Backlight boasts increased illumination compared to standard backlights when used with telecentric lensing. Telecentric illumination is ideal for precision measurements where accuracy, repeatability, and throughput are key factors in the application’s success.  The key benefits of telecentric illumination are: superior detection of small defects; increased measurement accuracy and repeatability compared to standard backlight illumination; elimination of blurred edges caused by diffuse reflections; increased light intensity from collimated light rays; high contrast images from the elimination of blurred edges and increased light intensity; reduced camera exposure times from increased light intensity; faster systems and high throughput compared to standard backlight illumination and increased distance between object and illumination source.

Metaphase Technologies MB-CTL41 Features

  • The collimated spot size of 1.5 inches (3.81 cm)
  •  Compact housing for easy application integration
    5.2 inch (13.2 cm) length, 1.9 inch (4.8 cm) diameter
  • Optional mounting clamp available
  • The MB-CTL41 collimated tube backlight is available in multiple wavelength options
  • 24V power supply (no special controller required)
  •  Ideal for producing high contrast silhouette images for edge
    detection and high accuracy measurements

Metaphase Technologies MB-CTL-41 Applications

  • Absence/presence of objects
  • Defect detection in glass/plastic containers
  • Object tracking (Fish in an aquarium)
  • PCB (printed circuit board) board assembly through-hole lead detection
  • Web inspection (pin-holes in web)
  • Bottlecap detection
  • Screw/Bolt thread inspection
  • Glass Sheet defect detection
  • Sub-pixel dimensional inspection
  • Machine Vision & Automation
  • Robotic Inspection


Product Specifications

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Metaphase Technologies MB-CTL41