Metaphase LED Light Engine MB-LE110


Designed for direct fiber coupling of up to 8mm fiber bundles and features patent-pending optical and patented thermal control technology as well as a built-in 24 volt LED driver in one small compact package. LED engines are typically used with optical fiber ring lights and backlights. You’re sure to find applications for this light that we haven’t even thought of yet!


  •  Idea for applications with limited space
  •  Low power
  • High intensity
  •  Small spotlight source
  • Through-the-camera-lens illumination

Wavelength Colors

  • White 6000K
  • Red 630nm
  • Blue 455nm
  • Green 530nm
  • Infrared 850nm
  • Infrared 880nm
  • UV 395nm

Product Specifications

Metaphase (Lights)
Metaphase LED Light Engine MB-LE110