Metaphase Dark Field Line Light UL-ECL809


The Metaphase Dark Field Line Light UL-ECL809 has never before been offered to the industry. Combining strategically positioned LED lights on innovative dark strips and newly developed light ray forming optics allows the discovery of previously overlooked flaws in optically clear glass and plastic quality control systems. “Bending” light encircles particles and air pockets creating a glow illuminating the imperfection that can now be seen on a sub-pixel level.


  • Patented optics coupled with a dark field creates superior contrast
  • Illuminates previously undetectable clear on clear imperfections
  • Amplifies sub-micron defects at a sub-pixel level
  • Speeds inspection time from “seconds” to “milliseconds”
  • Built-in Constant Current Driver with 0-10VDC Intensity control
  • Compatible with DDC-3 and ILD-35 Dimmers
  • Improved accuracy minimizes returns, increasing customer satisfaction
  • One light allows a smaller footprint and more versatile installations

Product Specifications

Metaphase (Lights)
Metaphase Dark Field Line Light UL-ECL809