KAYA Instruments Komodo KY-FGF-II-CLHS


The Komodo II CLHS is a high-performance Camera Link HS Frame Grabber supporting the CLHS X Protocol (10G) standard. The Komodo II CLHS is capable of receiving video streams using four SFP+ 10Gbps optical transceivers interface, with each link supporting standard X Protocol bitrates of up to 10 Gbps. The board offers a flexible DDR4 memory system and up to 40 Gbps through optical interfaces. A high speed 8 lane Gen 3.0 PCI express interface allows fast data transfer between optical links and computer memory. A GPIO connector enables machine control signals such as triggers, timers, shaft-encoders, exposure-control and general I/O along with video stream acquisition. All of these features make the Komodo II CLHS Frame Grabber ideal for a wide range of applications, including network processing and security, compute and storage, instrumentation, broadcast, defense and aerospace.


  • 4 x SFP+ channels at 10 Gbps each
  • PCIe Gen3 x8 Half-length card
  • 4GB onboard video cache
  • Flexible machine I/O:
    – 4 TTL configurable I/Os
    – 4 LVCMOS configurable I/Os
    – 4 LVDS inputs and outputs
    – 4 opto-isolated inputs and outputs
    – 4 quadrature rotary encoders
    – 4 timers
    – Integrated strobe controller
  • Optical interface
  • Transfer rates of up to 55 Gbps through PCIe and up to 40 Gbps through optical interfaces
  • CWDM support
  • Authentication device for design security
  • Temperature control
  • Fan control
  • GUI Interface
  • Supporting Windows and Linux OS
  • API for custom application development
  • Plug-in modules for Matlab HALCON Cognex and Labview
  • Gen<i>Cam compliant
  • GenTL support
  • 4 indication LEDs
  • 0°C to 55°C operating environment temperatures

Product Specifications

KAYA Instruments (Frame Grabbers/Simulators)
KAYA Instruments Komodo KY-FGF-II-CLHS