KAYA Instruments Chameleon II CoF


The Kaya Instruments Chameleon II CoF is the industry’s first CoaXPress-over-Fiber (Cof) v2.1 standard camera simulator. Capable of generating video streams and test patterns of up to 4 links in single, dual or quad with each link supports standard CoaXPress-over-Fiber (Cof) v2.1 bitrates of up to 10.3 Gbps. With a grand total PCI Express transfer rate of up to 6,695 MB/s, the Chameleon II CoF is ideally suited for development of industrial, defense and aerospace Machine Vision systems and applications.


  • Static and dynamic test patterns

  • BMP/RAW/TIFF/JPEG etc. image files

  • RAW video files

  • Streaming video 6,695 MB/s

  • Data rates up to 10.3125 Gbps per link

  • Up to 32Gbyte image buffer

  • Multiple pre-recorded video in sequential/loop modes

  • Fully programmable image timing and

  • Fully programmable configuration parameters

  • Emulation of Camera controls and triggers

  • GUI Interface

  • Up to 4 CoaXPress-over-Fiber (Cof) links support

  • Frame and line scan formats support

  • Flexible GPIO interface

  • CoaXPress-over-Fiber (Cof) v2.1 compliant

  • Gen<i>Cam compliant

  • Supporting Windows, Linux OS and Nvidia Jetpack

  • API for custom application development

  • Plug-in modules for Matlab, HALCON, Cognex and Labview

  • SFP+ connectors for CoaXPress-over-Fiber (Cof) links

Product Specifications

KAYA Instruments (Frame Grabbers/Simulators)
KAYA Instruments Chameleon II CoF