JAI Spark Series SP-5000C-USB


The SP-5000C-USB provides 5-megapixel color resolution at up to 62 fps over a USB3 Vision interface. 5-micron square pixels provide excellent sensitivity while flexible ROI capabilities enable the camera to be tailored to a wide range of high performance applications.


  • 5-megapixel resolution at up to 62 fps.
  • 1” CMOS imager with global shutter. Raw Bayer color output.
  • 5 µm square pixels provide excellent sensitivity and optical flexibility.
  • Analog and digital gain controls for less quantized noise.
  • P-iris or programmable 3-axis control for motorized lenses, pan/tilt heads, and other analog accessories.
  • Industrial grade performance with 80G shock, 10G vibration, and -5°C to +45°C operating range.
  • 8/10/12-bit USB3 Vision output for grabberless connection to host computers.

Product Specifications

JAI Spark Series SP-5000C-USB-Photo-1

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