JAI Fusion FS-1600T-10GE-NNM


JAI’s multi-sensor, multi-spectral prism cameras provide simultaneous images of different light spectrums through a single optical path. The cameras split incoming light into two or three separate channels – typically including a visible channel from 400~680nm and one or more near infrared (NIR) channels between 700~1000nm. This makes it possible to simultaneously inspect surface properties or printing, as well as sub-surface defects or other information which is optimally detected at NIR wavelengths. Multiple NIR channels can be used to help identify specific chemical or biological substances that exhibit different characteristics in different NIR wavebands. JAI’s multi-spectral imaging camera technology allows users to replace multiple inspection stations with a single setup, providing both ease of use and lower equipment and maintenance costs. The cameras are ideal for inspecting currency, checks, textiles, plastics, circuit boards, life sciences samples, and other organic items such as fruit and vegetables.

Product Description

JAI’s FS-1600T-10GE-NNM is a 3-CMOS multispectral prism camera providing simultaneous images of three different spectral bands in a single camera – a visible monochrome channel from 400-700 nm, a near-infrared (NIR) channel from 740-800 nm, and a second NIR channel from 820-1000 nm. This makes it possible to simultaneously detect or inspect visible elements, as well as analyze materials or defects using their spectral characteristics within a single NIR band or when combined across both NIR bands. A backward-compatible 10 GigE interface provides exceptional speed and networking flexibility.

Simultaneous 3-channel multispectral imaging: With a monochrome visible light channel and two separate NIR channels, the FS-1600T-10GE-NNM helps designers of multispectral systems to leverage the different ways that some biological substances, foods, chemicals, and other materials appear when viewed in different portions of the visible/NIR spectrum.

Replace Multiple Inspection Stations with a Single Setup: JAI’s prism technology ensures perfect two-channel alignment, allowing users to replace multiple inspection stations with a single setup, providing both ease of use and lower equipment and maintenance costs.

Individual Exposure Time Adjustment for Each Channel: Separate exposure control for each channel allows the channels to be adjusted to one another without changes in the gain – maintaining a consistent signal-to-noise ratio at all times.


  • Prism-based 3-CMOS multispectral area scan camera that simultaneously captures one visible monochrome channel plus two separate near-IR bands.
  • Backwards-compatible 10GBASE-T (10 GigE) interface auto-negotiates to match the speed of connected equipment including NBASE-T (5 GigE and 2.5 GigE) and standard 1 Gbps 1000BASE-T GigE Vision
  • Sequencer function for on–the–fly change of gain, exposure, and ROI settings.
  • Supports IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol for synchronization in multi-camera applications.
  • The triple-stream output enables visible monochrome and NIR images to be simultaneously output over a single cable.
  • Supports separate or unified control of key camera parameters for each channel.
  • Single- and multi-ROI modes.
  • Significantly higher NIR sensitivity than previous CCD models.

Product Specifications

JAI Fusion FS-1600T-10GE-NNM

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