JAI Apex Microscopy Solutions AP-3200T-USB-LSX


JAI’s prism-based R-G-B cameras separate the incoming light into red, green and blue wavelengths, which are directed to three separate image sensors. The cameras deliver exceptionally accurate R-G-B raw image data ideal for demanding color machine vision applications across a range of industries including pharmaceutical, electronics, printing/packaging and imaging in microscopy and medical diagnostics equipment. The 3-sensor imaging technique provides more accurate per-pixel color values than those obtainable with the Bayer Mosaic technique relying on interpolation routines alone to define pixel color values. The cameras also offer more precise spatial resolution, enabling accurate edge detection and the ability to resolve smaller details. The latest CMOS cameras in the Apex Series represent a large step forward in resolution, speed and color pre-processing functions all at a very reasonable price point. This will enable many more vision designers to step up to the increased value that comes from incorporating a prism-based color camera from JAI.

Product Description

The Apex AP-3200T-USB-LSX is a 3-CMOS prism-based R-G-B area scan camera intended for microscopy applications in the medical and life sciences markets. The camera features multi-sensor prism technology, providing better color fidelity and spatial precision than traditional Bayer color cameras, and is certified to JAI’s highest grade of dust/FOD suppression standards for maximum image clarity.

Exceptionally Accurate Color Image Data: Using a special prism-based imaging technique, the incoming light is separated into red, green and blue wavelengths, captured by three precisely-aligned CMOS sensors. The result is better color accuracy and spatial precision than traditional color cameras using the Bayer mosaic technique.

Highest Level of Image Clarity: While all JAI microscopy cameras provide exceptional image quality, LSX models include an extra level of screening and preventive measures to minimize the occurrence of any dust, lint, or other foreign object debris particles (FODs) on the prism, sensor, or in the optical path of the camera.

Compatibility with Third-Party Microscopy Software: The AP-3200T-USB-LSX is compatible with the widely-used ImagePro software from Media Cybernetics. Or if open source is preferred, device adapters are included at no cost in the latest release of the Micro-Manager software package.


  • 3-CMOS prism-based RGB camera.
  • 3 x IMX265 Sony Pregius sensors.
  • True raw image data (Red, Green and Blue). Also available with IR-cut filter removed (AP-3200T-USB-NF-LSX) for extended sensitivity in the red/NIR channel.
  • USB3 Vision interface
  • Analog gain and exposure setting for each individual R-G-B channel.
  • Flexible color space conversion from raw RGB to sRGB, Adobe RGB, HSI, CIE XYZ, or custom RGB formats.
  • Single and Multi-Region-of-Interest (ROI).
  • Automatic level control.
  • Shading correction on ROI.
  • Color temperature presets.
  • Built-in color enhancer and edge enhancer functions.
  • Pixel binning (2×1, 1×2 and 2×2).
  • Chunk data for each image.
  • Compatible with Image-Pro and Micro-Manager software packages.
  • White housing with robust and compact design (Shock 50G/Vibration 3G)

Product Specifications

JAI Apex Microscopy Solutions AP-3200T-USB-LSX

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