Imperx Cheetah CameraLink Rugged CLF-C4181-R


The C4181 16 megapixel CMOS camera incorporates the On Semiconductor Python NOIP1xx016KA CMOS image sensor with a native resolution of 4096 x 4096 in an APS-H optical format. The ruggedized camera delivers up to 50 frames per second and supports Camera Link®, PoCL and USB3 Vision™ (U3V) output.

The Imperx Cheetah series is the first high performance global shutter CMOS product line intended not only for machine vision, but also for surveillance, reconnaissance, aerospace, and intelligent traffic systems. These cameras have very fast frame rates, low noise, and excellent near-infrared sensitivity. You can easily program them using the simple graphical user interface included with the camera.


  • Programmable strobes
  • Selectable trigger sources
  • Sub-sampling / Pixel Averaging
  • Analog and Digital Gain Controls
  • Built-in pulse generator
  • Temperature monitor
  • Auto-white balance
  • Defective pixel correction, hot pixel correction, Flat field correction
  • Two 12-bit look-up tables (LUT), one LUT preprogrammed with gamma 0.45
  • Field upgradeable firmware

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