Gardasoft RT200 Series


The Gardasoft RT200 Series LED Strobe controllers is the latest generation of LED lighting controller solutions for machine vision applications. Implementing the patented SafePower™ technology, installation is very easy, removing the need of having to use a bespoke DC power supply or heat sinking the controller. All RT models also include our SafeSense™ technology, which enables the safe overdriving of LEDs. To get the very best out of your LED lighting solution, in terms of brightness stability and control, lighting should be driven from a current source, not a nominal voltage supply. The Gardasoft pulse/strobe controllers are current sources, with the Gradasof RT200 Series controller range offering two output channels that are independently controlled. Each channel can be individually configured to output continuously, or pulsed based on an external trigger signal or internal timer. The ‘F’ version controller will allow pulse width control down to 1µS resolution. Selected mode allows switching of the light-based upon the state of an external trigger.

The Gardasoft RT220 Series/ RT260 Series models can be quickly configured using free software, or for the Ethernet-enabled RT220 range, simply by accessing the controller via your internet browser; type in the IP address for the controller into your browser and you have full access to all of the parameters. If you are using a third-party software package the RT200 range has a simple command set that is detailed in the manual allowing easy communication. As with all Gardasoft products, all the settings are stored in non-volatile memory, and it will retain these settings even when the Ethernet connection is disconnected.

Using our patented SafeSense™ technology, the Gardasoft RT200 Series LED Strobe controllers range allows you to overdrive your LED lights safe in the knowledge that the lights will be protected from damage. The RT200 series will protect the lights ensuring that the high current pulses are regulated in terms of pulse width timing and frequency. The end result is you get the maximum light possible for your application. SafePower™ now allows you to overdrive the lights without having to increase the input power supply voltage (which you need to do with the Gardasoft PP range), making implementation and system integration much simpler). Gardasoft Controllers are universally compatible with LED Vision lighting, from manufacturers such as CCS.


  • Compatible with nearly any LED lighting assembly available today
  • Two independently controlled output channels
  • Push-button, Ethernet or RS232 configuration options
  • SafeSense™ technology for safe over-driving
  • SafePower™ for easy installation
  • Small compact unit with optional DIN mounting available


Product Specifications

Gardasoft RT200 Series