Gardasoft OLED Lighting Controller


The Gardasoft OLED Lighting Controller makes use of innovative techniques to obtain performance that reaches the very limits of OLED physical capabilities. The result is extremely fast, highly-accurate, very stable light pulses. The Gardasoft OLED lighting controller is fully compatible with the CCS range of OLED panels. OLED panels have many benefits in machine vision applications because they give an exceptionally stable and uniform light intensity across the width of the panel. They are also very thin and can be molded into complex shapes. However, OLED lights are challenging to control because the physical properties inherent in OLED panels demand sophisticated drive techniques to obtain fast and accurate pulsing.

  • GigE Vision Integration- The OLED lighting controller is fully GigE Vision compliant. Ethernet capability includes a Web Server that allows the devices to be controlled by image processing software or Explorers on a remote PC. With the introduction of GigE cameras, the Machine Vision market is moving towards Ethernet and the advantages of high speed, long-distance, standardization worldwide, and inexpensive implementation. The Gardasoft OLED controller has full access to product-specific data that is stored within the CCS OLED panel. This provides the full plug-and-play capability and ensures that the panel can be overdriven without the risk of damage to the panel. Lifetime usage data provides dependable end of life management.
  • Communications and Control- The Gardasoft OLED lighting controller forms part of the Gardasoft trinitite machine vision platform which gives users seamless access and control of system cameras, lighting, and lenses, all within the same environment. This can be a standard image processing package or the trinitite SDK which is available for free download from In addition to LabVIEW support, utilities are also available for other leading machine vision imaging software packages such as Cognex VisionPro, Teledyne Dalsa Sherlock, and Stemmer Imaging CVB. The OLED controller can also be controlled using simple string commands sent from an application program using TCP/IP or UDP. All configuration is stored in non-volatile memory providing turn-key operation. The controller provides fine control of the intensity, even of OLED panels rated at 20mA. The dual range output provides high stability and high resolution at all currents. This controller is an excellent choice for safely overdriving OLED panels.

Gardasoft OLED Lighting Controller Features

  • 2 channels of independent control
  • Extremely fast, stable light output
  • Safe overdrive limits
  • Specifically designed for OLED lighting
  • Compatible with CCS OLED panels
  • Gardasoft triniti Ethernet communications including GigEVision compatibility
  • Compatible with Gardasoft triniti utilities

Product Specifications

Gardasoft OLED Lighting Controller